These are the most common questions we recieve about our services. If you have a question that isn't answered below please contact us and we'll be happy to help the best we can.

Ramstein Dental Care is located 7 minutes from Ramstein Air Base in the walkplatz of Ramstein-Miesenbach near the Rathaus.

Wiesbaden Dental Care is located 5 minutes from Clay Kaserne and 7 minutes from Hainerberg in Erbenheim 1 block down from the Wiesbadener Volksbank.
We are a TriCare/United Concordia preferred provider. We will help process all your dental claims. Patients with all other insurances will pay the total fee up front at the time of their appointment. We will assist you in submitting your insurance claim.
All of our prices are in Euro and we accept payment in Euro only. We accept MasterCard, Visa, EC debit cards (European bank cards) and cash. Our services are not taxed, therefore VAT forms are not accepted.
Yes, we have a board certified orthodontist on staff.
No, we do not have a board certified pediatric dentist on staff, but we have a general dentist who has a wonderful rapport with children.
It is recommended patients have cleanings twice a year. For those patients with periodontal disease (gum disease), or those lacking regular dental care it is a common recommendation for more frequent appointments. When plaque has built up around the tooth it can harden and spread below the gums. In severe cases this requires anesthetic with the procedure called Scaling and Root Planning. This is done in two to four appointments with three to four month recall.
Sometimes referred to as a "deep cleaning". It's a procedure that treats periodontal (gum) disease.
Composite restorations are a safe alternative when a patient is interested in a tooth colored filling rather than silver. The composite materials used are easily bonded to the tooth and typically with little sensitivity.
See a doctor as soon as possible. This could be from an infection of the tooth or tissue. Antibiotic and pain medication are often needed to treat infection. Further treatment may be needed.
A root canal is a procedure performed when the nerve of a tooth is non-responsive under certain conditions. Sometimes tooth decay is too deep requiring a root canal because of nerve exposure. Another possible cause would be due to an infection (abscess) around the root of the tooth. The nerve of the tooth is removed manually or by rotary instruments.
A crown is an ideal solution when a tooth has a large restoration, a crack on a tooth, or after a root canal procedure. The tooth will be reduced about 2-3 mm and an impression will be taken in order to create a crown with a precise margin along the preparation. A crown is typically done in two appointments; however in certain cases, Ramstein Dental Care has the ability to complete the process in one session. Crowns can be made of porcelain (tooth colored) or gold.
A temporary is made in order to maintain the space for the permanent crown while the crown is being made. If a temporary crown falls off, try to place it back on the tooth and contact your dentist. DO NOT TRY TO SUPERGLUE A TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT CROWN. This could cause serious damage to the natural tooth.
A veneer is thin porcelain or resin based material placed on the front surface of a tooth. Many people request a veneer in order to close spaces in between teeth, remove staining or improve the look of the tooth. These restorations are different than typical fillings. They are commonly done and have great results for patients
We offer both in-office whitening as well as take home whitening trays.